Why Consider Botox Injections at the Dentist?

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why consider botox injections at the dentist

The days when all dentists did was remove plaque and fill cavities? Long gone. Dentists today are proactive partners in perfecting your oral health, and much more. Dentists in NE Calgary understand that people want more than just clean teeth. We all want to put our best foot — face? — forward, and that’s a much bigger goal. But dentists can help, including by providing Botox treatment.

What is Botox?

Botox is a protein extracted from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum and purified. When precisely injected under the skin, it interrupts nerve signals and prevents individual muscles from contracting. Since muscle contractions in your face produce wrinkles, the effect of Botox injections is to keep your face relaxed and wrinkle-free. When applied properly by an expert dentist in NE Calgary, Botox does not interfere at all with your normal facial expressions or sensation. Botox only affects your motor nerves (nerves related to motion), not your sensory nerves (nerves related to sensation).

What’s getting Botox in NE Calgary like?

Before embarking on a quick and simple series of Botox treatments, your dentist in NE Calgary will ensure you’re a good candidate for treatment by reviewing your medical history including any allergies. At the same time, your dentist will listen to your goals to identify the precise ideal location for injections and the appropriate dosage to apply.

A dentist near you will use a tiny syringe and needle to place the precise amount of Botox into the selected location under your skin. You’ll be wide awake through the whole procedure, though the treated area will be numbed with a topical (surface) agent to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. The entire Botox treatment procedure will take roughly 15 minutes — something that can be accomplished before or after work, or even over a lunch break. You’ll feel no lasting effects and will be able to carry on your usual day immediately afterwards.

Where is Botox usually injected in a patient’s face? Wherever is appropriate to accomplish their goals and for your personal and medical circumstances. Common locations for Botox treatment at a dentist near you are between your eyes (the frown lines), in the furrows of your forehead, at the corners of your eyes (crow’s feet), around and under the eyes to change the height and shape of your eyebrows, and even in creases on neck and throat.

Botox takes effect over a period of two to 10 days, and its skin-smoothening effects usually last for as long as six months — though that will vary from person to person depending on things like your age, lifestyle, and metabolism. Since you’ll be seeing your dentist every six months anyway — for a regular dental checkup, right? — it’s an ideal opportunity to see if they recommend a freshening up of those present or pending facial wrinkles.

For more than just a smoother face

 If you’re looking to receive Botox treatment near you, it is an extremely popular cosmetic option for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but it has significant therapeutic benefits as well. Because Botox is effectively a muscle tranquilizer, a dentist near you may recommend Botox injections as part of a treatment plan to help ease the symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, sleep bruxism (clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth as you sleep), and even general facial pain.

Not only can Botox ease the symptoms of sleep bruxism, it may help actually reduce the force imposed by the clenching of your facial muscles. Botox will not be a stand-alone treatment for any of these conditions but may be an ideal complementary treatment alongside nightguards, for example.

Why do dentists offer Botox treatment anyway?

Dentists have always been committed to helping their patients achieve their personal cosmetic goals, and in making investments in materials, equipment, and training to provide the fullest possible range of options. Botox is one of those new and emerging options. Whatever your personal cosmetic dentistry and facial goals, discuss them with your dentist and their staff. They may be able to help, or at least to support your efforts. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about receive Botox treatment near you.