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You’re right; dentists are not in the relationship business. But every now and then there come situations where we play a pretty big role in saving them. A couple of years ago we received a call from one of our patients. It was 3 days before his wedding and he had gotten himself into a sticky situation – he was missing half of one of his front teeth.
We are often asked what brand or type of toothpaste we recommend to patients. With all the selections and features out there it’s easier to choose a new car than a tube of toothpaste. So here is a bit of info on your options when it comes to picking your next toothpaste.

My teeth feel fine. Why do I need a dental check-up?

We often see patients at our offices that are in a lot of pain. They have kept putting off their check-up until they find themselves in a very painful emergency situation.

A check-up allows us to see if you have any dental problems and helps you keep your mouth healthy. We can identify problem areas in your mouth that, if they are left untreated, can go unnoticed by patients until they become much more serious.

White or composite fillings are fantastic for filling small cavities. But they do have some downfalls when it comes to larger fillings.

I bet that whatever came to mind, it wasn’t a happy thought. Yeah, root canals can be painful, but it’s mostly the infection that sucks, not the treatment. So to clear up a bit of confusion and provide some clarity on the procedure, here’s some info on what’s involved in a root canal treatment.

What is Smile Design and why people do it?

You may not realize it, but your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. For many people who are self-conscious about their smile, it can be tough to laugh, smile, meet new people, or even go out in public. For others, they may just want that perfect smile that they have always dreamed of.

We may be a bit biased, but we LOVE the dentist.

We think the people who work at the office are great (as we pat ourselves on the back); that oral health and hygiene are important; and that there is no better feeling that that feeling after having your teeth cleaned.

But of course not everyone feels the same way. If you experience nervousness or anxiety about visiting the dentist, try these tips to stay calm and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

When you’re relaxing on the couch watching TV in the evening, wouldn’t it be nice to be whitening your teeth at the same time? Talk about multitasking!

You may have tried teeth whitening strips or kits that you can buy in the drugstore, but trust us -- there is no comparison to our professional take-home teeth whitening kits. We use a high-quality solution of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to penetrate the enamel of your teeth and bleach away stains and discolouration.

You might look at your child’s mouthful of shiny, pearly teeth and think they’re in great shape. But did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease -- causing children to lose millions of school hours every year from dental-related illness?

Make sure you’re instituting healthy oral hygiene habits in your house by brushing with your child twice a day. Children love when you brush your own teeth with them, and you’re showing them the importance of taking good care of your teeth and gums.

Teething can seem like months of guessing, as you wonder when your son or daughter will actually produce some pearly little teeth -- or are they just drooling for fun?

Every baby is different, but here’s a pretty good guideline for when you can expect your child’s baby teeth to erupt:

5-8 months: The two bottom front teeth (central incisors)

8-10 months: The four upper incisors

10-16 months: Lower lateral incisors, plus the first baby molars


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