Sedation Dentistry in NE, Calgary

Never fear, we’re here to help! We are happy to offer relaxation options for our more nervous patients.

Oral sedatives are an option for patients who have trouble with anxiety prior to dental treatment. Ask Crescent Heights dental about this option if you feel that you are unable to receive dental care comfortably due to anxiety.

While under the influence of the oral sedative, you will be awake, but may feel drowsy and have a lack of awareness or coordination. We will require you to have someone bring you to your appointment and pick you up as it is advised to refrain from driving or performing hazardous chores until you have fully recovered from the effects of these medications.

Our NE Calgary sedation dentistry and oral sedation techniques can relieve your stress and minimize any discomfort during your next dental treatment. Ask your dentist about the options that are appropriate for you.

Another option includes an anesthesiologist, who would administer medication to help you to fall asleep for the duration of your treatment. You remain asleep during the entire procedure, and wake up when it’s over.

Our team

Our team of dedicated dental professionals will provide you with your best options for your sedation dentistry needs. By providing a consultation appointment our dentists will discuss your options to ensure that you will be comfortable every step of the way through your dental treatment. For more information please contact one of our talented team members today.

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