Root Canal Therapy in Crescent Heights, AB

Root Canal Therapy Near You

To save your natural tooth and prevent reinfection, your dentist can perform root canal therapy. This procedure involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp inside of your tooth carefully and disinfecting it. After the area is cleaned, it is filled and then sealed.

Our dentists work hard to prevent tooth extraction. That’s why we offer root canal therapy in Crescent Heights. Contact our dental clinic to find out more about how receiving root canal therapy near you can help save your teeth!

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Looking for Root Canal Therapy Near You?

Has your dentist recommended root canal therapy? There is no need to stress! Patients usually compare root canal therapy to receiving a regular dental filling and it can be completed in one or two appointments. The procedure is relatively painless and extremely effective. Every year, millions of teeth are treated and saved with root canal therapy to relieve pain and restore the health of teeth. When you visit our office for root canal therapy in Calgary, AB you can expect to smile, bite, and chew with ease in a matter of no time.

When you save your tooth with root canal therapy, there are many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Preventing the need for extraction and tooth replacement
  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force
  • Natural appearance
  • Protecting other teeth from excessive wear or strain

If you have any concerns about receiving root canal treatment near you, please feel free to contact us.

What Are Signs That You May Need Root Canal Therapy?

You may need to seek root canal therapy near you when your tooth is cracked due to injury or genetics, a deep cavity, or issues from a past dental filling. Generally, patients will require root canal therapy when their teeth are sensitive, especially to hot and cold.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may require root canal therapy:

  • Extreme pain when you bite or chew
  • A pimple on your gums
  • A tooth that is chipped or cracked
  • Persistent sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swelling of the gums or tenderness
  • Deep decay
  • Darkening of the gums

Procedure for Root Canal Therapy in Crescent Heights

When the pulp of your tooth is inflamed or infected, not only is this a painful experience but without treatment, it can also lead to tooth loss. Root canal therapy helps you to maintain your natural smile and continue enjoying life to the fullest.

If you’re looking to receive root canal treatment near you, your dentist will:

  • Provide local anesthetic to freeze your tooth
  • Place a rubber dam around your tooth to isolate it and keep it dry during the procedure
  • Create an opening in your tooth to reach the root canal system and damaged pulp
  • Remove the pulp by cleaning and enlarging the root canal system
  • Fill and seal the canal
  • Restore your tooth with a dental crown

To learn more about root canal therapy in Calgary, AB, or to schedule an appointment, contact Crescent Heights Dental today. We are happy to provide root canal therapy near you.

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