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Are you looking to receive mouth guards in Crescent Heights? At Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, we offer customized mouth guards near you! Sports are wonderful activities for children and young adults—they teach teamwork, patience, and dedication. However, sports do not come without their risks. The most common injury involving the face is dental injury. At Crescent Heights Dental, we work to prevent these frequent injuries by fashioning custom mouthguards for children to wear as they play sports.

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Benefits of Receiving Mouth Guards in Crescent Heights

Receiving a custom-made mouth guard is much less expensive than dealing with a fractured or damaged tooth. Treating fractured or missing teeth can easily run several thousand dollars while mouthguards will not run anywhere near that much. Statistics prove that mouthguards protect young sports players from as many as 200,000 dental injuries each year.

While our dental office offers custom guards in Calgary, AB that are costlier than generic mouth guards that you can buy at sporting goods stores, they will protect your teeth and mouth more thoroughly. Generic guards are much more likely to slip out of place and not do their job. If you are going to take the time to invest in a mouthguard, it is best to feel reassured that it will do its job when the time comes.

Many contact sports require participating children to use a mouthguard. Since you will likely have to receive a mouth guard anyway, you should obtain one that is specifically made for your child. In-store guards are meant to fit many different types of mouths. However, no two mouths are the same, so you run the risk of the guard fitting improperly if you choose this provider.

Concussion Prevention

Many people don’t realize that sports guards can do more than just protect one’s teeth; they can also reduce the risk of concussion. Using a sports guard creates space between the player’s jaw and their skull so that if they do experience a blow, the jaw is unable to crash into the skull. The device also works to absorb shockwaves so that they do not impact the brain and cause damage. We are happy to provide sports guards near you at Crescent Heights Dental.

Teeth Grinding

While sleeping is not exactly a sport, some people unknowingly cause wear and tear on their teeth during this time. Grinding teeth during sleep is an involuntary activity common for many. While it is sometimes linked to stress or sleeping disorders, the causes of the practice are complex. Usually, the root of the problem is partially related to the misalignment of the patient’s bite. Receiving a custom mouthguard is the best way to ensure that this bad habit does not negatively impact the health and strength of your teeth.


At Crescent Heights Dental, we will work with you to discuss all your mouthguard needs before taking the time to fit you with the perfect appliance. We may even be able to add your team’s colours to show your spirit.

Receive a Custom Mouth Guard near you

Don’t let a fun day out at the ballpark turn into a dental nightmare. Looking for custom mouth guards near you? Be prepared with a custom-fitted mouthguard in Calgary, AB offered at our dental clinic.

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