Dental Crowns in Crescent Heights, AB

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Dental crowns are a restorative dental treatment that involves caps being placed on top of the damaged teeth of patients. We provide dental crowns near you to restore, cover, and protect the shape of your teeth when dental fillings are not an adequate restorative solution. Dental crowns can be fabricated from a variety of materials such as metals, porcelain, resin and ceramics. Receiving a traditional dental crown will require two visits to your dentist’s office. Contact us today to determine if you are the right candidate for dental crowns in Crescent Heights!

Dental Crowns in Crescent Heights

What to Expect with Dental Crowns

During your first visit, you will have x-rays taken of your teeth to examine the root and bone of the damaged tooth to determine the severity of the decay or infection. A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the nerves surrounding the tooth. Your tooth will then be filed down to make room for the crown that will be placed over the tooth. Once your tooth is reshaped, a paste will be applied for the purpose of creating an impression of the affected tooth. These impressions taken will ensure the crown will not be impacted by your bite. They will be sent to a lab where the dental crown will be sculpted and created. The dental crown will be implanted during your second visit, replacing the temporary crown. Your dentist will inspect the permanent crown to ensure the color matches the surrounding teeth and fit correctly in the mouth. The last step will be securing the permanent crown using dental cement. There is zero down time after the permanent crown has been implanted in your mouth.

If you have any concerns about receiving dental crowns near you, please contact us.

When is a Dental Crown Needed?

If you are experiencing pain in your tooth when biting down, you may have a cracked or broken tooth. It’s important to visit your dentist immediately to avoid this issue from progressing.

A dental crown is a solution for the following issues:

  • Protect a tooth that is weakened by tooth decay.
  • Used to restore a tooth that is chipped or cracked.
  • Used to support or cover a tooth that is damaged.
  • Used to anchor a dental bridge in place.
  • Used to improve the cosmetics of a tooth such as colour or shape.

If you neglect receiving dental crown treatment on your affected tooth, the following could occur:

  • The chip or crack worsening.
  • Root canal treatment.
  • Necessary tooth extraction.

If you require a dental crown, it’s best not to wait. Contact our Calgary dental clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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