CEREC Crowns in Crescent Heights, AB

CEREC Crowns Near You

Receiving a traditional dental crown will require two visits to your dentist’s office. This means, restoring a damaged tooth can take a minimum of one week. With CEREC crowns, you can receive a dental restoration in a single appointment. In only a few hours, you can leave your dental office with a healthy tooth and a fully resorted smile. Contact us today to determine if you are the right candidate for dental crowns in Crescent Heights!

Looking for CEREC Crowns Near You?

Chairside crowns or CEREC crowns are single day crowns constructed from ceramic. CAD-CAM technology—computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing—makes it possible for your dentist to prepare your tooth and fix the final crown in only one visit. When you visit our dental office for CEREC crowns in Calgary, AB, you won’t need to worry about wearing temporary crowns either. Additionally, CEREC crowns require less tooth preparation and filing than traditional crowns—saving more of your natural tooth.

How are CEREC Crowns Designed?

When you are receiving a CEREC crown, the first step is to prepare your tooth. Next, your dentist will use an intraoral camera—a special camera—to capture multiple 3D images of your tooth. CEREC crowns won’t require your dentist to take an impression of your tooth, unlike traditional crowns.

With the assistance of a computer, a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown that includes precise measurements is designed. When the design is edited for all the precisions and finalized, a replica of the design is carved by a milling machine to create the crown out of a single ceramic block. Preparing the crown will only take a few minutes and your dentist will simply glue it to your tooth.

Benefits of Recieving Dental Crowns in Crescent Heights

Wondering why you should choose CEREC crowns? Here are some top advantages of CEREC crowns:

  • They save you time: Only one appointment is necessary to create your CEREC crown.
  • They save you money: Not only will you save time when you acquire a CEREC crown, but you will also save on the cost of a temporary crown.
  • They are comfortable: Say goodbye to putty or gooey impression pastes when you receive a CEREC crown.
  • They restore your tooth quickly: There is no need to wait more than a few hours for your dental restoration.
  • They prevent injury: CEREC crowns will prevent injury because they are fitted on the same day as your appointment, so you won’t have to wear an ill-fitting temporary crown that can easily fall off until you receive your final crown.
  • They prevent decay: A dislodged temporary crown can make room for decay to form. This will never be a concern when you visit our office for CEREC crowns near you.

Looking for CEREC crowns in Calgary, AB? We are happy to offer CEREC crowns at Crescent Heights Dental Clinic. To learn more about CEREC crowns near you, schedule an appointment today! Our dental team works hard to deliver exceptional dental crowns in Crescent Heights!

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