Cosmetic Contouring in Crescent Heights, AB

Recontouring Near You

Have minor cosmetic dental issues made you unconscious or afraid to smile? If you answered yes to this, you may benefit from cosmetic contouring. Also known as enameloplasty, cosmetic contouring can address slight imperfections efficiently and effectively.

Cosmetic Contouring in Crescent Heights

What is the Procedure for Cosmetic Contouring?

Overall, cosmetic contouring is a rather straight forward procedure. To alter the shape or length of your teeth, your dentist will use dental tools to gently eliminate a portion of your teeth’s enamel. After your dentist has contoured your teeth, your dentist will polish them for an attractive and aesthetically pleasing smile. We are happy to offer cosmetic contouring near you at Crescent Heights Dental.

Benefits of Receiving Recontouring in Crescent Heights

Looking for cosmetic contouring in Calgary, AB? There are several benefits to this procedure. The primary benefit is instant results. Generally, this procedure is conducted in under an hour, which means in a single brief visit, you can achieve the results you desire. Additionally, the enamel of your teeth does not have nerves so you won’t have to worry about pain. Patients who are apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures or fear that dental visits will be painful can benefit from cosmetic contouring. Also, this procedure won’t need to be repeated in the future as your enamel doesn’t grow back after your teeth have been reshaped.

Is Cosmetic Contouring Right for You?

We provide cosmetic contouring near you to correct minor cosmetic dental issues. In other words, if you’re content with your smile for the most part, but would like to alter their length or size, then cosmetic contouring may be the perfect option for you. For example, if you are looking to shorten your teeth or make them more even size, cosmetic contouring would be an ideal procedure. However, if your teeth are severely crooked, have crowded, or are misshapen, your dentist will most likely suggest other cosmetic dental procedures such as Invisalign or veneers for a more noticeable difference.

Interested in cosmetic contouring near you? Learn if cosmetic contouring in Calgary, AB is right for you by scheduling a consultation at Crescent Heights Dental. This fast and easy procedure may be ideal to perfect your smile.

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