Tooth Extraction in Crescent Heights, AB

Tooth Extraction Near You

Are you looking to receive a tooth extraction in Crescent Heights? Crescent Heights Dental provides skillful and effective dental care to patients. Our team of qualified dentists, assistants, and treatment coordinators works as a unit to deliver the treatment you deserve. Our practice provides our clients with professional preventative care and advice. This is meant to prevent serious dental issues like infected or abscessed teeth. Even if you are loyal to a strict dental hygiene routine, these issues may arise. Procedures like tooth extractions are often required to remedy these problems. We understand the reservations you may have about these invasive dental procedures. However, we’re here to help you feel comfortable. We minimize your recovery time and get you back to feeling your best. Our tooth extractions restore the state of your dental health and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Call to schedule an appointment and ensure your problematic tooth is taken care of.

Tooth Extraction in Crescent Heights

Looking for Tooth Extraction Near You?

Out dental clinic offers tooth extraction in Calgary, AB which can address the following issues:

  • Built-up plaque and general decay of your teeth: Irreversible damage caused by poor oral hygiene may result in the need for an extraction.
  • Crowding: Sometimes, a tooth or two may need to be extracted to make orthodontic treatment more effective.
  • Chipped teeth: Cracked or broken teeth can pose a risk to the inside of your mouth. They can also affect your eating habits.
  • Gingivitis or periodontal disease: These diseases can cause severe damage that only a tooth extraction can fix.

To extract or not to extract? A qualified dentist should always make this decision on a case-by-case basis. When you schedule an appointment at Crescent Heights Dental, we can help determine when tooth extraction is a necessary step.

Benefits of Receiving a Tooth Extraction in Crescent Heights

A tooth extraction:

  • Alleviates the symptoms of tooth infection like sore gums, bad breath, and general mouth pain.
  • Allows remaining teeth to grow the way they are supposed to.
  • Makes orthodontic treatment more effective.
  • Prevents further infections in your mouth from occurring.

Even though it seems scary, when you visit our dental clinic for tooth extraction in Calgary, AB, it can solve many dental issues. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout the whole process.

How Does an Extraction Work?

There are two types of tooth extractions:

Simple Extraction:

A simple extraction is a basic procedure performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, you will feel a little pressure but not pain.

Surgical Extraction:

A surgical extraction is necessary to remove hard-to-reach teeth like molars. For this procedure, you are still provided local anesthesia. You are also given intravenous anesthesia, which makes you calm. If required, general anesthesia is administered which makes you unconscious throughout the procedure.

If you are nervous about your impending procedure, you are not alone. We work with patients to ensure that they are comfortable. We will happily answer any questions they have about receiving dental extractions near you or the recovery process.

Are There Any Risks?

Tooth extractions are very safe procedures. There are a few risks to be aware of, but they are rare. When you visit our dental clinic for tooth extraction near you, some risks that can accompany the procedure include:

  • Bleeding at the extraction site that lasts for more than 12 hours
  • A persistent cough
  • Redness and swelling at the extraction site
  • An infection, signaled by a fever or chills
  • General nausea

If you have any questions about receiving dental extractions near you, please contact us.

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

Even though extraction is a minor and safe procedure, its recovery process should be taken seriously. A rushed or neglected recovery from a tooth extraction can cause delays in resuming your everyday life. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be expected to adhere to the following. These dos and don’ts are standard for everyone recovering from an extraction.


  • Use an ice pack. Use an ice pack on your face right after the extraction takes place. This will reduce swelling. Continue to use the ice pack for the next few days, doing so for 10 minutes at a time.
  • Use gauze. Keep the gauze pad that your dentist gives you in your mouth for four hours after the procedure. This helps a blood clot form in your mouth and reduces bleeding.
  • Relax. Take it easy for 24 hours after your procedure to allow for a thorough healing process.


  • Drink from a straw.
  • Smoke.
  • Rinse your mouth for 24 hours after the procedure (only spit gently if you have to).

Contact us if you have any questions about what the recovery process might be like for you.

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If you have noticed any pain or other changes in your teeth or gums, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll identify the problem you’re experiencing. Once we have become familiar with your situation, we try our best to save and protect your existing teeth. We only perform dental extraction in Calgary, AB, if it will benefit your long-term oral health. If you are looking for tooth extraction near you, contact us today.

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