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Are you in search of pediatric dentistry in Crescent Heights? At Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, we provide pediatric dentistry near you! Infants, children, and adolescents need specialist dental care while their oral health and teeth are in a vital development period. It is crucial for young people to have frequent checkups to track development, treat dental issues, and stop harmful habits in their tracks in order to maximize their oral health later in life.

Here at Crescent Heights Dental, we have a dedicated team trained in pediatric dentistry near you in order to ensure that your child has the highest possible standard of care. Our pediatric dental services in Calgary, AB, aim to equip your child with the skills they need for good oral health in a positive, child-friendly environment.

Pediatric Dentistry in Crescent Heights

Pediatric Dentistry Near You

Primary teeth, otherwise known as ‘baby teeth’, are very important for young people in both their everyday life and in future oral health. They help them eat, speak, and guide their permanent teeth to grow in the direction. Because primary teeth work differently than adult teeth, they need a different level of care—and that’s what we’re here for!

Preventing Tooth Decay

Unfortunately, primary teeth are more prone to tooth decay than adult teeth because they have a thinner layer of the outer enamel. While tooth decay in adolescents can be treated, prevention is better than cure. This is why the team at Crescent Dental emphasizes strong oral hygiene in order to stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Pediatric Dentistry in Crescent Heights

A lot of children might feel frightened or intimidated when it comes to visiting the dentist, so one of our main aims is to put them at ease. We want to make their trips as fun and informative as possible! We will review not only their teeth but their habits around them. What is their diet like? Do they brush and floss thoroughly enough? We will educate them about the best way to take care of their teeth, equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to make positive lifestyle changes to help prevent tooth decay and promote healthy tooth development.

How Can Parents Help Their Children Take Care of Their Teeth?

It is important to implement our advice and work to keep teeth healthy in between dentist visits. As we said, taking care of children’s teeth is about more than brushing and flossing. It’s about lifestyle too. Try and limit your child’s sugar intake to a maximum of one sugary item per day. Make an effort to cut down on sugary drinks, such as pop, if not cut it out completely, as they have sky-high levels of sugar. If you replace pop with a sugar-free drink (water), you will be cutting out buckets of sugar and preventing tooth decay without even trying! Also make sure your child doesn’t overindulge in fast food, as this can also lead to early tooth decay because of all of its artificial ingredients. Finally, promote good oral hygiene with your child. Make sure they brush and floss for two minutes after every meal, and put into practice what we teach them at their appointments.

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