Cosmetic Dentistry in NE, Calgary

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to custom made restorations that are placed to create straighter and whiter teeth that brighten and enhance smiles. Small imperfections like stains, cracks or chips can make us self conscious about our appearance. Procedures including crowns, veneers and whitening can subtly fix a minor flaw or totally change the look and function of your entire smile.


Porcelain veneers offer a more cosmetic approach to improving the appearance of teeth. Custom porcelain restorations are a wonderful option for patients wanting to close spaces between their teeth or wanting to improve broken, misshapen or stained teeth.


A resin material is applied to the teeth and hardened using a special light. This is used to improve the appearance of teeth, or to close gaps between them.


Using contouring, your dentist is able to carefully reduce and build up your teeth using laminate material until they are the ideal shape and size. This treatment is used to reshape teeth by correcting crooked, chipped or overlapping teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Made of gold, porcelain fused to metal, or pure white porcelain, a crown is basically a cap for your tooth. A crown completely covers a repaired tooth to protect it and keep it strong.

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