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Temporomandibular disorder is a condition that affects your temporomandibular joint—TMJ. There are two of these joints, one located on both sides of your face. It’s the link between your jawbone and the temporal bone. It’s most commonly known as the mandible. The TMJ is utilized daily to help you move your mouth, eat, and speak. This makes the joint essential to your body. Those with temporomandibular disorder, also known as a TMD, may experience pain and difficulty performing basic mouth movements. Temporomandibular disorder is often difficult to diagnose, and the precise cause is hard to identify. When trying to determine the cause of TMD, many factors are taken into consideration. These factors include past injuries, genetics, or the presence of other joint conditions.

At Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, we offer TMJ treatment near you! While finding the cause of temporomandibular disorder can be difficult, it’s easy to treat once found. With medication, splint therapy, and focused care, reducing inflammation and pain associated with TMD is possible.

TMJ in Crescent Heights

TMD Treatment Near You

If you experience sensitivity or pain around your jaw or ear, you may be suffering from TMD. Discomfort while eating can also be a sign pointing towards temporomandibular disorder. Any difficulty opening and closing your mouth or chronic pain can indicate the presence of TMD. Speak with your dentist if have noticed any of these symptoms for effective treatment. We offer TMJ treatment in Calgary, AB.

What are the Common Causes of a Temporomandibular Disorder?

When it comes to identifying the cause of TMD, there’s a long list to comb through. It can be caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Disc slips
  • Injury to your jaw
  • Several other uncontrollable reasons
Please contact us if you’re looking to receive TMD treatment near you.

TMJ Therapy in Crescent Heights

TMJ therapy involves targeted work on the medial pterygoid and masseter muscles. When you choose us, our dental professional can choose to deal with the issue intraorally rather than working directly on the joint. We work intraorally by massaging the muscles inside your mouth for approximately 30 seconds so that the muscles begin to release, providing you with much-needed relief. This treatment can also involve the stimulation of masseter muscle from the exterior of your mouth. After treatment, if your discomfort and pain fail to subside then your dental professional may try to massage and loosen up the temporalis. Your dentist may also suggest the use of a temporary appliance that will help separate your teeth, shifting your jaw back into its natural biological position and allowing your muscles to relax.

These techniques combined with medication should provide you with the relief you’ve been seeking. In the case of severe pain, you may have to undergo. However, extreme steps such as surgery are often unnecessary. If you are looking for TMJ treatment near you, contact our dental office.

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Our dental professionals at Crescent Heights Dental, can provide you with the relief you need with TMJ therapy in Calgary, AB, using practical and long-lasting solutions. If you suspect that you have temporomandibular disorder, call us today to schedule an examination. We are happy to provide TMJ treatment near you.

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