How Beneficial is Same-Day Procedure – Tooth Extraction and Implantation

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how beneficial is same day procedure tooth extraction and implantation

You may require a tooth extraction for various reasons. Perhaps you have a severely infected or broken tooth. Depending on the location of your tooth extraction, you may need or want to get that tooth replaced with a permanent dental implant. Typically, the process for having dental extractions and a new tooth implanted can take several weeks to months. However, same-day implants are now an option for those looking to have the procedure done in a single day.

Same-Day Dental Implant Procedure

After receiving a tooth extraction in Crescent Heights, you may be wanting to leave your dental office with a new tooth in place. Same-day procedures allow you to come into a dental office, have your tooth removed, and have a new tooth implanted all before you leave the office that day. To do this, your dentist will have to take 3D images of your mouth and use modern technology to build your custom-fitting tooth in the office. This technology eliminates the need for impressions or waiting for a dental laboratory to create your new tooth.

Same-Day Dental Implants vs. Traditional Implants

Same-day implants are much more convenient than traditional dental implants, as traditional implants take many months to complete, but same-day implants can be completed in a single visit to your dental office. If you want same-day implants, you will have a consultation beforehand with your dentist to ensure that you are a good candidate, as well as a final checkup after the procedure. However, the implant process itself will only take one visit, making the procedure fast and effective.

Advantages of Same-Day Implants

There is a fairly high success-rate for same-day implants. Other benefits of same-day implants include:

  • Immediate restoration after dental extractions
  • Implant fuses to the bone better
  • Gum and soft tissues heal faster
  • The healing process is aided by the implants keeping bacteria away from the tooth socket

Since you will be getting dental extractions and an implant on the same day, there are fewer surgical steps involved, allowing for a faster procedure. As well, a patient can immediately benefit from their new smile without having to deal with the embarrassment or discomfort of having gaps in their teeth.

Disadvantages of Same-Day Implants

Same-day implants do still come with some downsides, including:

  • Same-day dental implants have a greater chance of failing than traditional dental implants

  • Discomfort and swelling are more common in same-day implants

  • Having dental extractions and implants in one day equates to more time spent in the dental chair

Who Can Get Same-Day Dental Implants?

If you require a dental extraction near you and are interested in same-day dental implants, speak to your dentist about if this is an option for you. An ideal patient is healthy overall and a non-smoker. Individuals with the following characteristics may not be suitable for this procedure:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Smoker
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Chronic disease
  • Gum disease

The most important factor in being a candidate for same-day implants is having a strong and healthy jawbone that can hold the dental implants securely.

Interested in Same-Day Dental Implants?

The traditional process for dental extractions and subsequent traditional dental implants can be tedious. Same-day implants offer a quicker and more convenient option to leave the dental office feeling comfortable and confident with your smile.

If you require a dental extraction in Bridgeland, speak to a dentist near you about if same-day implants are an option for you. At Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, we offer same-day implants to viable candidates for the procedure. Please contact our clinic today to schedule a consultation.

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