How dentists save marriages

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how dentists save marriages

You’re right; dentists are not in the relationship business. But every now and then there come situations where we play a pretty big role in saving them.

A couple of years ago we received a call from one of our patients. It was 3 days before his wedding and he had gotten himself into a sticky situation – he was missing half of one of his front teeth.

Normally this is an urgent situation that you want to make sure you get taken care of quickly, but for him it was especially important.

At the beginning of the week he had promised his fiancé that he wouldn’t do anything silly that week to hurt himself before their wedding – of course she wanted a picture perfect wedding, and this didn’t include black eyes and broken teeth.

But, as it turns out he had a hockey game. And he wasn’t one to let his team down. He also wasn’t one to wear a mask.

As luck would have it, this game happened to be the one where a stick got high and smacked him in the mouth (oh, he also didn’t have a mouth guard!!). He felt the crack right away, felt around with his tongue, and realized he’d broken a tooth.

So he gets off the ice and calls our office. After explaining the situation we get him in that day and fit him with a temporary crown.

He goes home, gets married, and doesn’t mention a word to his bride.

We’re pleased to say that he came back in after his honeymoon to get a permanent crown and is still happily married with a beautiful daughter!

And we’re not sure if he ever told her about his dental adventure…

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