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Getting a dental cleaning in Bridgeland at least once every six months is an excellent way to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and that you do not develop any serious oral health concerns. There are many types of dental cleanings, and by understanding what each form of dental cleaning in Crescent Heights does, you can better understand how to keep your smile looking radiant and healthy.

In this article, our Crescent Heights Dental Clinic team tells you all you need to know about the different types of dental cleanings and how they can benefit you.

#1 Prophylaxis Cleaning

This is a teeth cleaning procedure that is used on those with a generally healthy mouth. This is the type of cleaning you receive when you visit a dentist in Crescent Heights for a regular checkup and maintenance cleaning. During this procedure, your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth and gums.

For those who visit their dentist regularly and practice good oral hygiene routines, a prophylaxis cleaning is likely to be the type of cleaning that is recommended. These cleanings can also help boost the appearance of smiles by removing surface stains.

#2 Scaling and Root Planing

This is a slightly more invasive cleaning procedure and is often referred to as deep cleaning. Scaling and root planing involves a deep cleaning of the teeth, gums, and gum line.

If your dentist notices that you have severe gum disease at one of your regular dental checkups in Bridgeland, they will likely recommend that you get scaling and root planing. Typically, the process involves smoothing out the surface of the tooth root and eliminating all plaque and tartar. Sometimes, this process takes multiple visits to complete.

#3 Gross Debridement

In the event that you have not seen a dentist in many years, you will likely have a lot of plaque built up on and between your teeth, as well as along your gum line. In this case, your dentist will likely perform a gross debridement, which is a form of deep cleaning that is used to eliminate plaque and tartar from all areas of the mouth.

However, not everyone who hasn’t seen a dentist in a couple of years will need a gross debridement. During your dental checkups in Crescent Heights, your dentist will examine your mouth to determine the best form of dental cleaning for your needs.

#4 Periodontal Maintenance

This is routine maintenance for people who deal with severe, persistent gum disease- specifically periodontitis. This process typically includes frequent visits to the dentist for a cleaning of the entire mouth. It is usually performed over a prescribed period until all oral health concerns are well under control.

Visit Crescent Heights Dental Clinic

The best way to maintain optimal oral health is to visit a dentist for a professional dental cleaning and checkup at least every six months. If it has been more than six months since you last visited a dentist, now is the time to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Crescent Heights Dental Clinic. We are happy to provide our patients with comprehensive and high-quality dental cleanings of all types. Please get in touch with us to book your appointment today.

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