What to Expect During Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

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Teaching child to taking care of teeth

Are your kiddos anxious about visiting the dentist? Dentists are here to help make their visit as smooth as possible. Should you avoid booking such appointments for your child, aching cavities, bad breath, and much worse can arise. Without healthy teeth, life can be a struggle, which is why it is essential for your child to obtain pediatric dentistry near you as early as they can. Not to mention that, as a parent, doing so can also help alleviate some of your own anxiety.

Here, you can learn what to expect during your child’s first trip to the dentist:

How to Prepare For the First Dentist Appointment

Prior to identifying and treating any anomalies, routine dental visits help prevent oral health issues. Whether your child is experiencing tooth pain, switching dentists, or it’s time for their checkup, we want to help both of you feel ready when seeing the dentist for the first time.

At the Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, we aim to make your smile grow and give you the confidence you deserve. We don’t want you to hide that lovely grin you have.

• Prior to the First Appointment

To avoid feeling pressed for time or stressed about returning to work or school, schedule enough time off. When scheduling an appointment, find out how long a cleaning and exam typically take, and then add extra time to that. If it’s been a while since the last visit, your child may spend more time in the dentist’s chair. A late-afternoon appointment is a wonderful choice, so you can immediately take them home.

Does your family have dental coverage? Check out the possibilities that your dentist offers. A deposit may be required in person, or the dentist may charge you the remaining sum after receiving payment from your insurer.

• At the First Appointment

The dental hygienist will drape a plastic or paper cloth over your child’s chest to help keep them clean throughout the session. They’ll see the ultrasonic tools laid out on a tray. The hygienist will begin by removing any plaque and tartar accumulation from the teeth’s surfaces and along your gum line. An instrument with a rotating head will be used to polish their teeth. The procedure could conclude with floss and a fluoride mouthwash to give those teeth a particularly thorough cleaning.

In the event that your child experiences any pain or discomfort while the cleaning is being done, kindly let their hygienist know for me.

The dentist will then be brought in by the hygienist to perform a complete examination and inspect each tooth. When they are studying their teeth and gums, they will be looking for any pockets or gaps. The dentist uses a metal or ultrasonic periodontal probe to measure the depth of gum pockets and locate any problem areas. The dentists will then discuss their oral health with you both once they’re finished.

• Once the Appointment is Completed

If you have particular questions or issues related to pain and discomfort, reach out to your dentist near you

Participate in follow-up care. It is highly suggested that you schedule an appointment every six months. Your dentist will provide you with information on what to do next if you need to make special appointments, such as to have cavities filled or have a root canal.

Schedule a Bridgeland Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

Make sure to arrange for your upcoming dental exam and hygiene visit. It’s a terrific approach to making sure your dental health doesn’t slip off course. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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