Snap-On Smile – All You Need To Know

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Snap On Smile All You Need To Know

Dealing with:

  • Crooked teeth?
  • Stained teeth?
  • Gaps? 

Snap-On Smile is a stylish solution. With a quick impression visit and fitting, anyone can be set up with their own Snap-On Smile from Crescent Heights Dental.

What is the Snap-On Smile? 

This life changing, painless dental tool is created from dental resin. It is a removable alternative to cosmetic dental surgery, implants, and dentures. It is strong and fitted to adapt to each persons mouth for a discreet appearance. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, it is non invasive and great for anyone with anxiety about procedures.

What is the Process Like? 

One thing clients love about the Snap-On Smile process is its time efficiency. All we need to create your new smile is two brief appointments:

  • One appointment is to take the impression of your teeth and bite
  • The next is three weeks later to do a final fitting of the device. At this point, you get to wear your smile home with you, beaming all the way. 

The process of getting fitted and set up with Snap-On Smile is easy:

  1. Visit the dentist for an initial consultation
  2. Choose your Snap-On style and shade
  3. Have an impression taken of your teeth
  4. Have the Snap-On Smile fitted for you to take home 

The entire process can take as little as three weeks from start to finish. This time is required for the final smile resin to be manufactured properly between impression and fitting.

Your dentist can help tailor the device to your needs. You can discuss whether you need corrections to the upper or bottom arch and decide on a smile accordingly. The typical Snap-On Smile model will either cover the bottom arch or the upper arch in its entirety. This makes for a cohesive smile through your entire mouth.

What Are the Benefits? 

The biggest benefits of using the Snap-On Smile technology are that it is:

  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Easy process 

As a result, it’s an alternative to expensive and intrusive dental procedures. It doesn’t use adhesives to stay in, and is much more comfortable than most partial dentures. It uses the shaping of your natural teeth to keep it held in place, and snaps in and out quick and easy.

At Crescent Heights Dental Clinic, everyone is able to afford a beautiful, healthy smile with Snap-On technology. 

Who Benefits From Snap-On Smile?

One of the great things about this new piece of dental tech is that it helps treat so many types of cosmetic cases. From gaps to denture alternatives, the Snap-On Smile has been helping people to smile brighter for years. The most common users of Snap-On Smile are using it for:

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Anyone who cannot receive bridges or implants
  • Those wanting to get a brighter, even smile
  • Partial denture users looking for something more discreet and comfortable 

The variety and versatility of this device makes it a favourite for so many people. It can help you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about your smile. One fitted mould is durable and can last up to five years of consecutive use, if cared for properly. This is great for those who want long-term, discreet, subtle enhancements to their smile that don’t involve a costly and painful procedure.

How Old Do You Have to Be? 

There are no age limits on a Snap-On Smile. These can have cosmetic application for many ages. It is comfortable, non invasive, subtle, and useful in discreetly enhancing your smile. They can be easily cared for without assistance using an at-home cleaning kit. Everyone from young adults to seniors can benefit from the Snap-On Smile promise.

Even if you are not a candidate for an implant, you can still reap the benefits. Snap-On Smile means anyone, anywhere can get a Hollywood smile without surgery.

How Do I Care For My Snap-On Smile? 

Cleaning is simple and inexpensive. The supplies can be purchased from your dentist as frequently as your average yearly cleanings.

The typical tools to use to clean your Snap-On Smile are a patented cleaning solution and an anti-bacterial gel. They are not offered direct to consumer, but can be bought easily from your local dentist.

In addition to simple cleaning, the Snap-On Smile stains no more quickly than your natural teeth. This means that while coffee and other dark liquids can dull or stain your teeth, your cleaning kit can bring your smile back to its original state. The only substance you’ll have to watch out for is ultra sticky foods. Taffy, gum, or gooey caramel may be foods you wait until removing your smile to eat.

Easy cleaning means it is easy to keep your Snap-On Smile lasting years with little wear and tear. The durable materials and design make for up to an impressive three to five years of proper functioning before you should consider a newer fitted smile.

How Can I Get Started On My Snap-On Smile Today? 

Getting started is simple with this new innovative dental tech. The only thing needed to get started is an appointment with your dental provider. Start your Snap-On Smile makeover by visiting us at Crescent Heights Dental Clinic. We can get you set up with the proper paperwork so that you can select your style and shade. You can also purchase a twelve month limited warranty to ensure that you are not subject to a manufacturing defect. As this device is cosmetic, it is often not covered by insurance. Be sure to discuss this with your dentist and insurance provider in your initial appointment.

Why stumble groggy from a painful dental procedure with a mouth full of gauze when you could just snap in a perfect Hollywood smile? This non invasive, affordable alternative to oral surgery is the reason why thousands of people are smiling brighter.

Try the Snap-On Smile today for a brighter, more confident smile.

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